Our Programs

Communication, Language and Literacy Development:

Involves children’s abilities to convey their ideas, thoughts, and feelings through speaking and writing,

and their ability to demonstrate early reading skills. Helping your child to be creative and explore the arts, movement, drama, and music.

Approaches to Play and Learning:

Focuses on the development of skills necessary for learning, such as self-regulation, attention, and persistence.

Social and Emotional Development:

Supports your child’s ability to express and regulate feelings and develop relations with others.

Physical Development and Wellness:

Gives your child opportunities to build large- and small-muscle skills, strength, stamina, and knowledge needed to live a healthy lifestyle.

Cognitive Development:

Supports the mental processes needed to think, make sense of the world, and understand knowledge across different subjects,

including mathematics, science, and social studies.

Infant: Birth to 18months

Each day your child will be discovering things using all five senses, copying simple actions of the people around them, experimenting with toy instruments, exploring textures, colors, and learning a variety of words and sounds through playing with other children.

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Toddler: 18mo to 36months

During their time with us your child will learn to count, discover writing and music, and start building toward following simple instructions, writing, and getting along with their peers.

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Preschool: 3 years to 4 years

Each day at our centers preschoolers explore science experiments, create artwork, play characters and movement games. In this way they learn following directions and other key skills for learning success.

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Afterschool: 5 years to 12 Years

Even after school's out for the day, children need to be engaged in a comfortable, yet stimulating child care environment. Our before- and after-school child care program allows kindergarten and school-age children to balance learning and fun through a variety of experiences. From homework help to fun physical activities, our early education program is designed so that everyone goes home happy.

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Spring Break and Summer Breaks

We offer several fun and engaging themes over the course of the Spring/Summer to ignite children’s imagination and curiosity. Spaces for Spring/Summer is limited. Enjoy the convenience of having your child in a safe place during these special times. 

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Daily/Drop-In is made available only when licensing capacity allows.

  Call to inquire if a space is available.

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